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"The Ocho"! Sponsored by El Supremo Maximo's Supremo Salsa. "The Ocho" will take eight (OCHO) various events that you may or may not have heard about this week and I will give my opinion or remarks on the issues. The plan is for this to be a permanent Friday Feature. The producers have stepped it up and we get pictures to go with the stories.

August 7, 2009

1) Nick Cannon vs. Eminem - Sometime ago, Eminem dated Mariah Carey. Not to long ago, Nick Cannon married Mariah Carey. Mariah made a music video that spoofed an Eminem type character stalking her. So, Eminem replies with lyrics in a recently released song that raps about photos that he took of Mariah and sex stuff they did together. Apparantly taking a jab at Nick Cannon as well. Nick Cannon responds via a few tweets on twitter, quoting bible versus and obviously taking the higher more mature road. Kudos to Nick for being a stand up man from what I've heard he's presented. But Slim Shady ain't afraid of no Drumline Band Geek!! link to story

2) "Cash for Clunkers" - This phrase has set a guiness book of world records record for the number of times it has been mentioned, broadcast, printed, tweeted, blogged, facebook updated and implanted into our brains the past 120 hours. Tied for second, "Who gets Michael Jackson's kids."

3) Woman hires Timothy Olyphant to Kill Husband - A woman after being married only six months decides to hire a hitman to off her newlywed husband. Well, it turns out that only undercover police officers post ads on craigslist about helping out with getting rid of your lovers. link to story

4) Girl sues college because she can't get a job - She paid the school to give her an education that will help her get a job. She has not been able to secure a job yet that isn't $6.00 an hour. It is not the school's fault she can't aquire a job. She probably didn't join the right secret societies. Skull and Bones anyone? link to story

5) Some American's Still Approve A-Bomb - Results from a recent survey show that more and more americans disagree with Harry Truman's decision to drop the A Bombs on Japan during WWII. I know that a catasrophic 250,000 people lost their lives in the initial blasts and thousands more in the following years, but I have no feelings but support for our countries past military decisions. By today's standards it might seem excessive, but it's a different world 65 years later. The Revolutionary Army were pretty much "terrorists" by todays standards as well. So, I believe it's very unfair to judge past actions through current prescription glasses. Hindsight is always 20/20. link to story

6) Google Voice - I think that this is pretty cool service that is being put together by Google. This year, I've discovered and fell in love with all things Google. Gmail, Reader, and Documents. They have integrated with YouTube, Picasa and Blogger. There's a ton of stuff that Google has and is putting together. Google Voice is currently by invite only. They are also offering approved invites to all military personell. If Google were running for president, I would vote for them. link to story

7) Lost Season 6 Teaser Poster - Lost is my most favorite TV Show EVER!! With the sixth and final season coming in January, the Lost Powers that Be released a teaser at last months comic-con. The poster has TWENTY-SIX major characters from ALL FIVE SEASONS. When I heard about this, I grinned like a boy seeing his first naked boobie on TV. I was most excited about Charlie Pace and Daniel Faraday on the poster. Granted they are all promo poses from the past five season. But it's awesome none the less. Walt, I believe, is the only major character notably absent from the panoramic. Also an obvious inclusion is John Locke facing backwards. WTH is that supposed to mean?!?! I can't wait!!! Boobies!!! link to story

THE OCHO!!!! GiJoe Starts Today! - A few years ago, I started putting ideas together for what the world was missing up until that point. A live action GiJoe movie. We had X-Men, SpiderMan, Transformers was about to come out. I was going to write the best GiJoe Movie Script EVER. How was I going to submit it, I have no clue. Well, someone beat me to it. The world is getting a live action GiJoe Movie starting today. I really want to see this movie. Am I excited as I was when Transformers came out in 2007? Not as much. It could do with just life that is happening and seeing a movie during opening weekend just isn't high on the priorities. Or it could be the fact that Marlen Wayans is playing RipCord. Seriously, RipCord was a B.A. in the comics. He went to Cobra Island and got Rambo all over Zartans arse. Here, "Lil' Man" has to go pee. Are you kidding me?!?! Why do we need comedy? I don't want to laugh at a GiJoe movie.. I want to watch dog fights, hydrofoil chases and Flint fighting on a roller coaster. Not Smokey from Scary Movie falling down on his butt. Just as long as I get this movie in my stocking this year at Christmas, I'll be fine. link to story

I hope you enjoyed The Ocho!! for this week. Please come back tomorrow for Week 3 of the Five Deuce Project.

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