Playing Da Fantasy Foosball...

I can't watch a lot of football. Basically because I have a wife and kids. The kids would rather watch SpongeBob and the wife would rather watch the latest Justine Bateman movie about child custody cases during car wrecks and date rapes on Lifetime. Although, I think my little boy is slowly gaining an interest in sports. He likes baseball and loves football commercials.

The time I eventually get for sports is usually the 5AM SportsCenter.

This season I wanted to play Fantasy Football again. The few times I've played, I've never had a losing season. I've never had a winning season either. I've always broke even in my records. I tried to join a couple leagues on Yahoo! Sports but no one would accept my request. So, I started my own league.

So, I'm putting it out there to my handful of readers if they want to join up. If you would like to waste time with me, please email me at I'll send you a password needed to join.

I'll post the results on the blog as well. This is just something to do in the meantime and between time. Maybe talk a little smack and see how good of general managers we are.

Plus, Mafia Wars is getting a bit boring.

Again let me know and I'll send you a password.

Have a great weekend.

I've played a couple times the pas

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  1. I get to watch none anymore. No tv. It was an initial shock to the system but I got over it. Now I am grossly uninformed.

    But I get a lot done on Sundays.

  2. This is very tempting, but I feel that I would inevitable start to lose, and then neglect my team as it falls further and further out of contention... you can probably tell this has happened before :)


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