Weekend Wrap-Up (July 13, 2009)

Monday's format is going to be a wrap up of what went down this weekend. It's almost a testimony of where I struggle at home. Trying to get everything done that needs to be done, but not getting any of it done.

MaddSkills at his dads. We ruined his life last week.

Eight hours worked through-out weekend.

Hydrocodone for KC's back pain. Breakfast taco request at 11:30PM. Disco and Beautiful don't want to sleep. I lay on the couch all night with Beautiful.

Put Disco's firetruck toddler bed in his room. KC took kids to visit her parents. I played with Beautiful and she finally slept. Watched Warehouse 13. Bedtime drama when Ladybug didn't want to go to bed. Disco eventually went to his new bed with no drama.

No kids came to our bed during the night. Was too exhausted to notice if they did. Went to church and heard a great guest speaker Bob Beaudine. Went to lunch with kids. Visited Nana in hospital. Loreli gave instructions on how to operate the toilet "shower".

Fixed dinner and closed the weekend out getting a chocolate shake from Whataburger.

Stuff Around the House That Still Needs To Be Done
Fix the fence and gate
Move the old stove to the front so someone will take it
Clean up the front yard mess
Put lawnmower I got for Father's Day together
Do something to the Suburban

I'm trying to find a good format for this. Maybe it will change.

Come back tomorrow for My Memorial Services...

Juggling Eric Dad Blogs


  1. Eric - 5 kids? Holy cow! We're working on #2. Love the blog.

  2. Thanks Big Rob. I see it as I'm doing them a favor by splitting up our debt between more of them when we die.


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