Thursday Throwback (Bionic Six)

Thursdays I'm going to try something I'm calling the Thuesday Throwback. It could be a video, a picture, news article that I feel like posting.

There was this old cartoon I used to watch when I was a kid. It was called The Bionic Six. I remember it came on before school at a time when God wasn't even awake, like at 5:30 or something. I guess that's why people don't remember it much. Here's the intro video. Enjoy the memories if you did watch this, learn something new if you didn't.

I don't need to give a synopsis of the show, but I enjoyed watching it. Just watching this video makes me cringe at how cheesy things were 25 years ago. It comes complete with a 7th Heaven style opening theme. I sit here and wonder if it's going to be made into a live action movie someday. I would see it. But it will probably do as well as Dragonball Z the movie. Did any of you use to watch this show? What other one's did you watch that people don't remember?

Come back tomorrow for The Ocho!

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  1. Still thinking on my era, but when Jr. was little there used to be a cartoon called something like, The Cow of Moomasa. It was about these cows that were sheriff deputies out west. Like the throwback idea.


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