The Five-Deuce Project (1/52)

I'm trying to revamp the way I blog. Instead of a random rant every eight days or so, I'm trying something structured. I've tried the 365 Photo Project a couple times. The idea was to blog a new photo everyday for a year. I lasted about 8 days the first time and then only once the second time. So now, I'm starting over without so much pressure of doing it everyday. So, I'm trying the Five-Deuce Project. Once a week, hopefully for a year (52 weeks), I will post a photo I took during the week. I promise I will not make them ALL about my children. So, here is my first attempt in my Five-Deuce Photo Project.

Week (1/52)

Ladybug's Rainbow

This was taken earlier this week on the way home. It hasn't rained in San Antonio for about 18 months. We had two afternoon showers and had two afternoon rainbows. This is number two. My daughter saw the first one and loved it. I took this so she could see the second since she was not with me.

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  1. I like your idea. I alsofind it hard to get a routine and stick
    to it. Also, it looks like you've got a double rainbow there.

  2. I didn't notice that at first since I was driving and trying to take a picture of it with my phone on the high way.. I forgot all about it while posting..


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