My Economic Stimulus Request - Drying Time

We've all been bombarded with information and mis-information about the Stimulus Package put together by Congress and the President. We're told it is to help the economy. From our local organizations up to our national. It's in line to help us be more environmental friendly, conservative, better infrastruture, etc.Well, I figured I want a piece of the pie, but I don't think there is any pie left for me. So, I'm asking our leaders to bake a new pie.

Dear President Obama,

Can we please have a new stimulus plan to help develop a clothes dryer that dries in the same amount of time as it takes my washer to wash the clothes.

This 20 minute wash time and 70 minute dry time just doesn't work into my weekend schedule. My damp clothes should not have to sit in the washer for 50 plus minutes. They become subject to possible mildew assimilation.

The hot dog wieners and buns seemed to work it out on their end. No longer do we worry about 10 wieners and 8 buns. If they can come to an agreement, I'm sure we can do something about this.

Plus this will help the environment. Less electricity used during drying time. Less mildew stank from my clothes and less stank from my dirty clothes piles will not be a cause for global warming.

See what you can do.

Eric the Bolton.