My Baby is an Atari Penguin!!!

On Father's Day, we made it known to the world that my wife is pregnant with our FIFTH child. She sent me the photo below. With me pretty much having an honorary tech degree in ultrasound reading, I knew right away what my baby was.

An Atari penguin from the game Pengo. Don't believe me, compare for yourselves.

Sure, my baby hasn't developed arm, foot and head movement as well as the Raster Graphic Sno-Bee avoiding Pengo.
The hands and feet are visible in their proper locations on the ultrasound. But the most obvious similarity is the presense of an apparant beak on the baby photo.

Some may say that it looks like a Gummie Bear.
But I say that those people did not enjoy Atari Video Games as a kid and have no imagination.

What would have been even cooler, is if the ultrasound looked like these guys:

Take care my friends and have a great weekend...