Kids Eat Free

My wife calls me at work and says: "Kids eat free at Las Palapas from 5:00PM - 8:00PM. So that is what I'm doing for dinner tonight."

So I reply with: "Kids eat free at home too."

It was like playing wall-ball with a beanbag. It fell flat.

"So do you want us to pick you up and then go eat?"

As exciting as sitting in a restaurant at dinner time with my three kids, her cousin and her two kids, and the restaurant and all their freeloading kids, I decided to let me wife take the brunt of this one.

"No thanks. just bring me something."

"Ok, we'll pick you up when we're finished."

The good, I get to have a usually good mexican food dinner. The bad, since she took them to dinner, I'll not be able to eat until 11:30 tonight on account I'll have the clean up.

Ironically, I would have had to deal with both the dinner and cleanup if I would have chosen to go with them. Was this a selfish choice. Yes. But I also know that I didn't want to keep my pregnant wife and hungry kids waiting for me to get out of work. Because who knows what would have happened if I was 2 minutes late coming out the door?


if you are looking for places in your area where kids can eat free, check out this page:


  1. Thanks for the follow on Twitter. I'm following you now too. Wait, so you have THREE kids AND your wife is PREGNANT? You are hardcore, brotha, HARDCORE!

  2. we're petitioning for our own reality show...


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