If My Daughter Had A MySpace...

What if my daughter in her mid-three's had a MySpace page? One, I would monitor it every second of the day to make sure no punk pre-school boys were talking to her. And two, I would think that this would be her profile pic.
It's one of those, "I know there's a camera, but I'm going to ignore the camera as I am most obviously taking the photo of myself" poses.
I actually took this photo with my cell phone with camera option. I try not to call it a camera phone, because the primary reason for the device is not a camera, it's a phone. But this was during my black and white phase. Picaso had his blue one. I have my B&W. It lasted about 20 minutes.
But I love how different black and white pictures bring out ones character more than their colored dopplegangers. The hair in the eyes represent the sneakyness she has. The slight smile lets you know that she knows whats she's doing and loves to have fun.
I have a few others but this is my favorite I think.
Take care now, bye bye then.