I Am The Outbreak Monkey!

Today I was asked. "Do your kids have diarrhea?" by a co-worker. And I said, they did, but have gotten over it. Well that was enough to convict me of being a carrier of the runny poop virus and infecting the office.

Call the WHO. The World Health Organization, not the band.

Apparantly, the runny poop virus jumped from my kids onto me. It managed to survive the cleaning of my hands with the baby wipes. It also managed to avoid being cleansed by the numerous showers between the last time they had it and today.

It attached itself to the clothes I was wearing, jumped off those clothes and into a co-workers food where she ate it.

I know this because she told me that she messed herself and had to go get a new pair of underpants from Wal-Mart.

All I have to say to that is...

ooooh ooooh..... ahhh ahhhhh!!

Be sure to wash your hands after this blog.

Take care now, bye bye then...