Why Am I Always Amazed?

My oldest daughter is in her mid threes. I say "mid threes" because I realized that children have certain mile-stones that they should obtain by a certain age. And by saying that she is just "three years old" means that she can be anywhere from 36 months to 47 months and 29 days. So by saying she is in her "mid threes" you have an idea where she is age wise and you also have your preconceived idea of what a child should be doing at this age.

Now that we're understanding one another, let me continue.

I made a mix CD for my daughter. The songs consisted of songs she would know. Songs from Spongebob Squarepants, Dora the Explorer, Go Diego Go, Care Bears, etc. You get the idea.

What I thought was a great idea for her to listen to from time to time turned into something that had to be listened to whenever she was in the car. Every time she was in the car.

"It's my turn" she would remind us. So our family learned every song that was on that CD.
Better yet, she did the voices. I'm sure everyone with or without kids has seen an episode of Spongebob. Mr. Krabbs. She would do Mr. Krabbs voice. The scratchy, salty voice. I'm quite proud.

So this past week, my wife took her to McDonald's and for the Happy Meal they have these Kidz Bop Cd's. We have all seen the Kidz Bop commercials. It's a bunch of pre-teens singing songs about breaking up, going to the clubs and being rock stars. You know... The perfect song for a girl in her mid threes.

Well it only took a day or two, but my daughter can now sing "Since You've Been Gone" by Kelly Clarkson.


I can just add this to the fact that she also sings "Single Ladies" by Beyonce.


But I've watched her grow up to these past years and I do not know why I am amazed. She surprises me everyday. With her knowledge, her assistance to help (when she wants), her activities, or her general awareness.

She wasn't taking her medicine for her ear infection, so I put it in her milk this morning. Maybe she wouldn't know.

She took a drink and said "Daddy, this is not milk, it's medicine." I told her I was sorry and fixed it. She called me silly for putting the wrong thing in her cup.

She is so cute for her naivety.

This is why I love her.

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