What Pisses Me Off

Originally posted - 013108

I know that there are major things in my life that I would find time better spent. But there are just somethings that just piss me off. I'm sure most of my [three] readers will feel the same.
Any time I hear someone mention "Global Warming" - "We have to protect the enviornment" "We have to be more green" If the world is getting warmer, why the hell did the temperature drop 30 stinkin degrees the other days in various parts of the country? "Didn't you see The Day After Tomorrow?? It's because we're melting the ice caps with our SUVs" And I guess when the dinosaurs were driving their SUVs they caused the enviornment changes too?

When people consider The Destruction of Britanny Spears, news - We have men and women over in Iraq who are dying so Miss Spears can act like a loon, why not do a story about them, dangit?

Cars, Trucks, SUV's who have a sticker in the middle of their back window obviously trying to center the thing, and it's OBVIOUSLY NOT CENTERED!! Anyone with two eyes can plainly see that the sticker about your kids cheerleading team is off center. I should be more pissed that you're driving with one eye.

When congressmen or senators [mostly democrats] say - "The president needs to work with congress to acheive these [things]." Give me a break!!!! He's the dang president. You work with him. He doesn't have to work with you!! He can have you killed if he wanted.

People who think 'Free Healthcare" is the answer - I work in the helathcare industry. In the insurance industry. The government already runs medicare. And the providers HATE it. Medicare discounts like 80 percent of the billed charges. The providers have to write that amount off. More and more providers are getting off of medicare. Just because you have the government paying for your healthcare, doesnt mean it's going to be great. You're going to have to go to the doctors they choose. The ones that they'll pay. If you don't, you'll be having to pay out of pocket for out of network doctors. There will be waiting lists to get certain tests done. If you're pregnant, you're going to have to sign up for a 10 month waiting list to deliver.

Hillary Clinton - 'nuff said!

Bananas - We can create cloned sheep and cows. We can even invent a light that will not burst because it is in the freezer. Why can't they do something about the bananas starting to go bad after having bought the bunch 2 days before? I even buy them when they are green. Is there some kind of quick mutating banana power that someone in my family has that I am not aware of? I have to eat bananas just because I don't want them going bad. And I'm not a banana eating person.

Blade Runner - Some reason we had the DVD at home. I think we bought some movies for my wife's uncle who was in Iraq and he came home before we could send it. Anyways. My kids got this portable DVD player for Christmas, so I take it to work and watch movies during my lunch. So, I decided to watch Blade Runner. I don't know if its because I'm used to movies like Minority Report, Transformers, and iRobot, but I started watching it and Blade Runner wasn't doing anything for me. I don't know if it was the slow pace of the movie. The bad editing. Or the annoying synthesizer. I just couldn't finish watching it. Sorry, I can't be apart of the cult classic.

People who don't comment on my blog - I don't care if I don't know who you are. I want to know if my message is getting out there. I see people have viewed it. But I only get one person commenting. Come on you lazy slugs. Comment.

Now I'm sure that there are other things as well. But this is all I can think of at the time.


  1. Found you from DadGoneMad's site...wishing you the best and hoping you'll get help.



  2. Good stuff. Spontaneity+. Hiarity++. Originalitty +++.
    I like it.


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