Bananas, Snooze alarms, Anti-Christs, and Helping Global Warming

Taken from my MySpace blog dated 022608

Just a few random things to keep my blog audience member occupied.. I promise it won't be as long as the last one.

If you read a previous blog, you saw my feelings about buying bananas. Well, we bought them, and I've been taking them to work for lunch the past couple days because time is against us that these cased fruits will go bad very soon. And I realized. When eating a banana, it's one of those foods that you really don't want to be making eye contact with anyone while you're taking a bite.

I would like to copyright the idea of having a snooze alarm with decreasing intervals for those habitual snoozers. First it starts off at the norm nine minutes. You press snooze. Then seven minutes later it goes off again. Then five. Then three. Then one. Then 30 seconds. Then 15 seconds. Then every second. It would annoy the heck out of you to the point that you would have to wake up. Or throw it against the wall.

I would like to give graffiti artists their props. Some of you are very artistic. Some of you are 7th grade beginners. But all of you are idiots. Don't you realize that by making your tag in various places in town that you are leaving evidence of what property you vandalized. Morons! I've come up with my own way to fight vandalism. If I see some, for example.. "MEGA".. I'm going to spray paint.. "smells" right under it. That ought to show them.

Today, I started my part to help Global Warming. We bought a gas guzzling suburban. I'm hoping that the fumes from my truck will be enough to kill all the owls in Alaska, so we can use our own friggin oil reserve. Yes, I know I am an Evil Conservative!

I was pleased with the Oscars Sunday night. I thought I was watching the end because they just announced the best chick in a movie. But it lasted an hour and a half longer. But I was happy that George Clooney didn't win. Mainly because for some idiotic UN reason he was appointed as the UN Secretary of Peace. Remember this blog my friends, because I predict that he will win a Nobel Peace Prize in the next few years. He also has been added to the column of potential Anti-Christs along with Barack Obama.