Delta Children Provides Hope To Hurricanes Harvey and Irma Victims With Nearly Half A Million Dollar Donation

Delta Children is proud to announce a donation of nearly half a million dollars’ worth of products to Baby2Baby’s Texas relief efforts supporting the children impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

To support families affected by the recent natural disasters, Delta Children is working with longtime nonprofit partner, Delivering Good (previously known as K.I.D.S./Fashion Delivers), to facilitate the donation of vital products to victims of Hurricane Harvey, as well as Hurricane Irma.

“A child’s level of security and comfort within their environment is directly correlated to how well he or she deals with traumatic events. With every product donated in this effort, our intention is to provide hope to children and families coping with the trauma of Harvey and Irma,” says Delta Enterprise CEO and President, Joseph Shamie.

Delta Children is the largest family-owned children’s furniture company in the industry. The company was founded 50 years ago around the idea of helping families live better, and today, co-presidents Sam and Joseph Shamie remain committed to that vision. To uphold that mission, Delta Children is donating nearly half a million dollars’ worth of mini cribs, strollers, beds, chairs, desks, storage bins, and more to children and families affected by the widespread destruction of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

“We are thankful for product donors like Delta Children, who provide essential items to help families rebuild after a disaster," says Delivering Good President and CEO, Lisa Gurwitch.

For more than 50 years, Delta Children has been the leading voice on educating parents on the importance of creating safe sleep conditions for children through its Safe Sleep Campaign. This nationwide effort involves both manufacturing the safest products for babies and children while also donating products to children in unsafe environments, such the devastating aftermath of natural disasters like Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma.

“Our hearts are with all of those affected by the recent disasters and hope this donation will help improve the quality of life of the babies, children, and parents who are suffering,” says Delta Enterprise CEO and President, Sam Shamie.

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