Middle Class Batman on TheRealStanLee.Com

Stan Lee's cameo in this blog.

Welcome True Believers!!!  And everyone else who doesn't get that phrase, word up?

Since I donated all my money to help rebuild Metropolis (after that d-bag of an alien destroyed 9/10ths of the city), I have spent a lot of time on Periscope.  Being on Periscope and finally being allowed to be myself after so many years of hiding who I was, I have gained a small throng of followers. 

I really don't know if "throng" is the right word...

Murder of followers?

Gaggle of followers??

Let's do gaggle.

Well having a trusted gaggle of followers as well as the folks at ParachuteTV managed to get some of the comic book nerds on Periscope to be part of an article on TheRealStanLee.Com

Here's the part specifically about moi:

Periscope is also a great place for family friendly content, tied to superheroes. Parachute TV’s Saturday morning programming includes a show called MIDDLE CLASS BATMAN. The format? Batman leaves his fortune and crime fighting, gets married and moves to the suburbs (where he lives with his six kids). Middle Class Batman’s kids make cameos in the show and it has quickly become a fan favorite. “My kids have come to enjoy the different colorful characters from both the major comic companies,” says host Eric Bolton (@MidClassBatman). “Even my two-year-old recognizes Spider-ManThe Hulk and Batmanand others when she sees them. With Periscope and Parachute TV still being new products, with their potential growth, more and more people have the opportunity to experience and share their love of comics.”

Credit: TheRealStanLee.Com

It was great to be part of it.  I mean it's Stan Lee why wouldn't it  be?  While I'm pretty sure he didn't write the article and probably didn't even read it, I still like to think that Stan and I are BFFs now.