#EpicDubSmashShowdownOfDeath!! [Super Hero Week]

So DubSmash is a thing.  Awesome people download an app to their smartphone and pic a soundbite to lip-sync to.  It can be a funny clip to a movie, TV show or verse from a song.  The thing is, it's only like five to ten seconds long.

Not long at all.

For about two weeks, my brother and I were sending dubs (that's what I'm assuming they're called) to each other trying to one up each other.  

Por Example, this is me..

And this is Ed...

The epic awesomeness we were creating was too great to keep to ourselves.  We had to bring it to the masses.


Thus the Epic DubSmash Showdown of Death was created.

Each week, Ed and I will compete in a themed or non-themed challenge. We each have to post three dubs (again, I'm assuming that's what they're called) relating to that theme.  We alternate turns posting throughout the week.  The challenger always goes first.  I'll go first this week since it's week one.

The winners are determined by the total number of likes our videos get during the week.  Contest is over Saturday.

Winners will be announced the start of the next Epic DubSmach Showdown.

This weeks theme, in honor of The Avengers: Age of Ultron opening in US Theaters this weekend, the theme will be Superheroes.  The Dubbers (assuming this is what we call ourselves), can do any superhero.  It doesn't have to be Avengers, it doesn't even have to be Marvel.

To see the videos, you need to visit the page - Epic DubSmash Showdown of Death.  We'd appreciate if you like the page so you can get the videos to your Facebook Feed.

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