Hashtag Dork

Made With Pallet Wood!!

Did you make it back?

The results of the soft opening are mixed.  While I never get comments as it is, I'm never sure how it's taken.  I get likes on the shares on Facebook, but no one really says anything.  So I'm assuming they're just making me feel decent with their sympathy likes…

I even have to ask my wife later if she read it.

I would think she comes out and just shares with me the excitement of reading a post written by her husband.  I mean she wakes me up, seriously the other night she wakes me up right when I was about to get into REM sleep.  It was some dude doing a review on some deodorant and how much the deodorant sucked and how he still stinks after using it. When all of a sudden he “realizes” he’s forgotten to take off the deodorant protector cap after two weeks. 


By Gawd it was the funniest thing she’s even seen while lying in bed with her husband right when he was about to get into REM sleep!!!!

I guess that’s a good thing.

“You should probably change it to ‘Hashtag Dork’”

She tells me when I ask her if she's read it..

I appreciate that.

Moving on.

I had to purposely go on.  I actually deleted a sentence that would have sent me off track again.  I’ll go over that later on I hope.  But I want to at least finish something I plan on doing on this blog.  Even if it wasn’t as funny as the Deodorant Guy.

I said I was moving on….

Whether I keep Hashtag Bolton or change it to Hashtag Dork I wanted to jump into blogging instead of making sure everything is set up before the “GRAND OPENING”.    I’m a bit of a perfectionist and I knew if I made sure everything was perfect before I started writing the posts again, I would have never gotten around to a post.  I would have spent days customizing the perfect template only to find out that nothing goes with my intended theme.  So I’m just throwing it all against the wall to see if it sticks.

Honestly it doesn’t matter.  Most of you will probably be reading this on a mobile device and only see the mobile version anyways.  Or you’re reading this years from now when I finally perfected it and have no idea what it looked like originally.

But I added a bunch of social media sites on  the right hand side. 

Social Media pages are set up by bloggers to inflate their ego.  It has to be.  Why else would they want you to follow them on all their social media sites?  The more followers they have on their pages the more important they are.  If you don’t have an army of followers, you end up a D-List Dad Blogger.

Plus if you want companies and brands to get a hold of you and want you to shill their products, you have to have a lot of followers. 

You appear more important when you have a lot of documented followers.

So with that, I’m asking you to follow me on the following sites.

Hashtag Bolton Facebook Fan Page – Here you will get the links to the posts you see here.  Yeah I know, why do I need to be a fan of Hashtag Bolton when I can just come here and get the same posts? 

You just do, okay? Maybe you want to share it.  Facebook has that share button you can just share with your timeline.  Your friends honestly will appreciate it.  They’ll wake up their husbands right when they’re into their REM sleep!!

Eric’s Twitter – Same thing as Facebook.  Except WITH MORE HASHTAGS!!!  Now there could be some people who are on Twitter who are not on Facebook.  They like to keep issues with friend’s baby momma drama to only 140 characters.  But follow me on Twitter and you could get me baby momma drama FREE!!

Google + Page – This one, I’m asking a lot from you.  I assume most of you do not even know you have a Google Plus account.  A recent survey from SupremoMaximussen confirms my assumptions. 


Also, who the heck has Google Plus that doesn’t already have Facebook?  I don’t know.  But the A-Listers do it, I’m asking you to just do it to.  Por Favor.

Eric’s Instagram – Want to know what I’m about to eat?  Am I drinking a Monster Energy Drink, Dr Pepper or Valero Coffee?  Maybe it’s all three at the same time?!?  You’ll never know if you’re not following my food on Instagram.

Hashtag Bolton on Pinterest – Here you can see how I like all these other people who like other people’s liking of someone who turned a wooden pallet into a Monster Truck.

Ok that’s it for now.  I think I have the You Tube link on the sidebar too, but I wasn’t able to configure it the way I wanted.  So you are not obligated to click and follow that one yet.

Ugh.  I just realized, I’m pretty boring when I have an agenda and want to go through with it by staying on course. 

I’ll promise to go off an a tangent next time.