The Welcome to Boltonshire Saga [Part 4]

The pulp comic adaptation of this blog is gearing toward it's fifth issue finale. 

Michael has taken on multiplying siblings in the caverns beneath Boltonshire. Loreli lead a team of Rangers to protect a population, while Seth saved a princess from a lizard king.

The fourth part is Araceli, Emma and even Rosco-Centric

Rosco is our dog.


Story Arc:  The Welcome to Boltonshire Saga
Issue Title: R.O.S.C.O. The Protector
Boltonshire is under attack by an unknown force.  Michael has returned to Rocket Patrol, Loreli is fighting with the Rangers of Power and Seth is stuck on World 8-8.  It is up to Araceli, Emma and their parents to protect the Shire.  But when Eric and Kristie are mysteriously abducted, it is up to Emma and Araceli to defend their home.  They must activate R.O.S.C.O., the shire's defense system.
Welcome to Boltonshire.