My Very Own Story Books [ REVIEW ]

I was given the chance to review a book published by I See Me. 

See Me  [ facebook ] personalized books take a child imagination into world’s they could only dream of before. Children ages birth to 12 can take their own journey into the world of make-believe and beyond.  With such great titles ABC, What Can I Be, Snuggle BunnyMy Very Own Fairy Tale, My Very Own Pirate Tale, Super Incredible Big Brother, Super Incredible Big Sister and of course, there is the top selling, My Very Own Name, there is something for every child! 

The book sent to us was titled My Very Own Fairy Tale.  What was special about this book was that it was made especially for my daughter Loreli.    

When the book arrived, my wife was concerned the other girls would be upset because they did not get one.  My determination for it to be only for Loreli was on account she is the only one who can read right now as well as an incentive for her to stay focused during home school.

The book comes in hardback cover format and the pages are high gloss.  

The story is about the fairies coming together to choose a new Fairy Princess.  The fairies come out in the spelling order of the child's name.  In this case it was Loreli Miah Bolton.  Each fairy represents another letter.

The illustrations are gorgeous and the quality of the entire book is excellent.  While this story is traditionally for girls, I See You also offers other stories for the boys in the family.  Here's a few other stories they offer.

You can click the link to find more books and stories.
Loreli LOVED LOVED LOVED this book.  She was very excited about the ending she made sure she told me when I got home one evening.
At just under $35.00 the price may seem a little high when it comes to books, but then you have to realize what you're getting here. You're getting a beautiful book specifically for your child.  The maximum number of letters in your child's name can not exceed 45.  Fifteen for the first, fifteen for the middle, fifteen for the last.If you're looking for a personalized gift for a child in your life, I suggest you check out I See You's website and browse through all books. You will be sure to find something to your liking.
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