Occupy Boltonshire

So I've been taking notes the last month about this Occupy Wall St thing.

Then I made some additional notes in comparison.  This time looking at my children.

Either my kids are going to grow up to be a bunch of hippies, or the Occupy Wall Street hippies are a bunch of babies.  Sure I'm generalizing, but seriously, I'm part of the 99% as well and I don't think I'm entitled to ANYTHING that I didn't earn myself.  I don't need Obama to do anything for me.   I didn't need Bush to do anything for me either.

I work for a giant insurance company.  One of the largest in the nation.  I'm a warm body here.  If I lost my job today, should I complain about the 10 plus years I've put into the place?  Complaining does not put food on my kids plates.  It doesn't get my wife's medicine.

Heck no.  As a father, husband and a man being the sole income earner in my house, I don't give a crap if I have to donate plasma at seven different stations in between working general labor jobs from craigslist.  My family comes first before any cause.

There's nothing wrong with causes and fighting for them.  But this whole entitlement stuff is pure crap.  And while my kids are kids and I joke in jest about them being destructive forces of nature, they will see their parents working hard and not expecting something for nothing because a rich white guy in on the 97th floor made a billion dollars this quarter.

<  / end rant >

Have a great day my friends.


  1. Your post made me laugh, I had to read it to my wife.

    I've been holding back on a post about Occupy anything (Toronto in my case) because I didn't want to compare them to babies, however I liked the way you did. Subtle.

    When my 6yo asks for an iPhone or TV in his room, I think of the Occupy groups. They expect everything and expect it for free.

    Great post.


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