Official Juggling Eric Announcement.

Remember last year on April first when I posted how my wife was pregnant?  Remember how it was a split reaction on who thought it was real and who thought it was an April Fool's prank?

With that in mind, please remember we're not in April yet. so I'm making the official Juggling Eric announcement that we are expecting another baby.

I wish this was the reason for my wife's irritability and lack of understanding in the whole toilet paper rod issue, but it is not the case.

Let me 'splain. No wait, there is too much. Let me sum up.

KC and I will be getting kinship custody of her cousin's five month old daughter.  We've been going through all the hoops and processes in the past month or so seeing if we would be approved, which included background checks and home visits.

I didn't mention my blog because I felt maybe posts like locking the kids in their room, or in what I lovingly call baby cages would be a negative mark on our side.

We found out this morning that we will be getting custody  and we're going to court tomorrow afternoon.  We're told she is not going to be coming home with us tomorrow, but we have the understanding we'll be given a lot of information about assistance and programs we should take advantage of.

This is supposed to be temporary.

Temporary could be a month or it could be years.  Both outcomes KC and I are ready to accept.

Some might think we're crazy. Others might think we're really crazy.   Logistically are we ready?  I have no clue, we haven't been ready for the past four.  But our kids are healthy and hopefully each will be able to have a unique skill that can contribute to society.

The length of time is dependent on the mother's and hopefully father's persistence in taking their required parenting / violence / substance abuse classes.

So without getting into much detail, which I'm sure I could fill more posts later, there you go.

I am now open for any questions.