School Pride.

Just so you know, names and places have been changed.

This past weekend, KC, MaddSkillz and I were chillin' watching a movie.  Then out of nowhere, MaddSkillz requests our attention.

"Now this is just a rumor, but when the Rydell High School girls' basketball team went to round five of the play-offs, the school cancelled classes on Friday so the students could go see them play in the finals.  If we make it to round five, it's being said they will close the school so we can go see them play in Dallas."

Now a side note.  This is the second time EVER MaddSkillz has mentioned anything sports related in the two years he's been in high school.

"Yeah I highly doubt that!" Was the general answer from his mom and I.

What followed was MaddSkillz reaction when we do not believe anything he says.. "How can you be sure they're not going to cancel classes?  Just because they didn't when you were in high school doesn't mean they won't now."

He starts the conversation off as "This is just a rumor" and he gets pissed when we don't believe it.  It's just his teenage ways.  So I decided to get an answer... I emailed the school.  

I went to the Hill Valley High School website and sent the following message through their contact page.

"I have a question in regards to a rumor my son mentioned today.  He is a sophomore at Hill Valley High School and mentioned if the girl's basketball team makes it to round five, the school will close for the day to go see them in Dallas.  He mentioned Rydell did it recently as well for the same reason.

I told him, I doubt the school would do such a thing by putting athletics over academics.  Can you please confirm my understanding or is this something that is discussed and not given as an option to the parents?

Thank you for your time.

Regards, Eric Bolton."

I read this to MaddSkillz and the first thing he said was.... "OH MY GOSH!!!! I'M TALKING ABOUT FOOTBALL!!! NOT GIRLS BASKETBALL!!!"

Like it makes a difference!

Not once did he mention Hill Valley High School Football.  He used Rydell's girls basketball as an example, and since he doesn't even like Hill Valley High School's Football team and never mentions anything about the stats or records, all we know are his theatre dates.  

The next day (on a weekend) I got this reply.

"Good Evening Mr. Bolton,

I'm not sure where that came from as that is very premature and we have not had to address this scenario at Hill Valley High School.  It would be nice to go to the State tournament someday. 

I do know that when I was at Polk High School, we had the honor of participating in a few State tournaments.  If it was early on a Friday, we received permission to release a little bit early to allow people time to attend the game without having to feel rushed as we believed many people would go and we wanted everyone to arrive in a safe manner.  That decision was
made in it's own merits each time and there is no rule or policy that we do this.  As I said, it's very premature.  If anything, I think Rydell, 
Lake Forest High School or Shermer High School are favored to go to State this year.

Thank you for contacting us.

Random Administrator"

Well that was nice... I just Mythbusted that rumor.. Even though I was talking about basketball, they were talking about football.  Obviously since it's no where near the end of basketball season.  But it was time to throw it in MaddSkillz face, when I had to re-read that again.

Did they just dog their school's team?

"If anything, I think Rydell, Lake Forest High School or Shermer High School are favored to go to State this year."

He did!!!

I guess they feel the same way as MaddSkillz.