Review: Texas Irons State of Texas Steak Brand Gift Box Set

Recently, I was given the opportunity to review a product from  CSN has over 200 stores available online from children's shoes to home decor.  It was really tough deciding what to review.  We were going to go with shoes for the Emsters, but neither one of us were sure.

So I decided to be cheap and get a potential present for someone that I will give them at Christmas.

We went for the Texas Irons State of Texas Brand Gift Box Set.

It was ordered more as a novelty gift (my brother has a panache for rustic wooden and metal things that look like it was picked up on the side of the highway) for his home decor.

The package arrived within a few days of the order.  I loved the smell of the cedar wood from which the box was made.  The branding iron itself was sturdy and did not seem to have any faults.  The only difference from the picture online and the actual product was the state of Texas design.  While the design online was is an outline of the state, the actual product delivered was a solid shape of the state.

I was very pleased with the order and the product and would recommend it as well as CSN stores..

My brother was also pleased when tried to brand his friend and keeps the red flag hanging out the backside, only on the right side, yeah that's the blood side.