HazMat Morning.

Celi's Room This Morning
So with it being Thanksgiving week, we don't have to deal with the headache which is getting Ladybug ready for school.  Couple that with Celi not waking up before God does, and we've had some okay mornings.

Well that was Monday.  Today is Tuesday so it had to end sooner or later right?

Emsters wakes up hungry and I begin to feed her.  The second I put the bottle in her mouth Celi wakes up crying.  So I prop Emsters up to finish her bottle and open the kids' room and I am hit with a wall of horrible odor.

It was the odor that parents have to tackle and makes non-parents appreciate their lifestyle.

After regaining consciousness, I got Celi out of there and woke up Disco fearing he was the culprit.  Changing Disco ruled him out of the suspect, which only left Celi.

And boy was she a suspect!!!  I had to get rid of the offending diaper so I took it out to the trash and came back to deal with the lingering intruder in the kids' room.  So I stripped the sheets and blankets and looked for something to mask eliminate the smell.  My search found we are a family with five kids who does not believe in buying Lysol apparently.  I couldn't find the lemon scented pledge and thought using the cinnimon Raid Ant and Roach killer would have not been a good idea in the long run.

I found a little spray jar that I usually spray when I know we have company coming over that gives them the idea our house always smells that way.  So I sprayed that...

Now the room smells like Spring Rain AND Poop! 

Yes, I realize with yesterday's pee story and today's poop story, there appears to be a pattern this week.  Have a great day my friends.