I survived.

Well Hell Week is over.

It honestly wasn't bad at all.  The kids were well behaved and I didn't have to put them in the baby cages I bought.  I had planned on posting a new blog every day last week expressing my continued protests in my decision to leave town, but I felt it was better served just hanging with the kids.

The nights weren't the greatest though.  Thursday night all three girls were up at different times through out the night.  Needless to say I wasn't very happy the next morning.

Nothing a Monster Energy Drink couldn't fix.

I had actually planned on having different activities with the children during the week, but we just hung out at home and had fun.  It was better for me because I always seem to be disappointed when things do not go exactly the way I planned.

We did make it to Incredible Pizza and Disco was in his first Go Kart race.  We got second place.  I blame the battery because with my pedal to the metal the first place car kept getting further and further ahead.  When I rode with Ladybug, we got lapped twice.  It was just bad timing we got another bad car.

Either that or I am getting a lot fatter than I thought.

So when Mommy got home and everyone saw her for the first time, they were all very excited.  I was excited as well.  Yes I missed my wife, but also because this past week was a major deposit I made into the Marriage Bank Account.

Because in about 4 weeks, I'm flying to New York City for six days.


By myself.

With no wife.

Nor any kids.

I'll be making a withdraw.

I'll keep you posted about the trip.

Have a great week my friends and welcome home Sweetie.  We missed you dearly.