Where is John Cusack and His Limo??

Prophesies, Mayan Calendars, and Wikipedia are all wrong.

Certain localized events have transpired that has rocketed the end of the world nearly thirty months sooner than predicted.

Oceans will rise and mountains will fall. Plague and pestilence will sweep across the globe. Men will tear at their clothes at the shear magnitude of destruction that will arise from the events starting on July 14, 2010.

There's no avoiding it.

KC will be leaving town for four days leaving me with four babies.

While she is getting pampered with pedicures, room service, and chocolate covered strawberries, your hero will be trying to save the ones closest to him as infrastructures crumble and sky scrapers tumble.

If you are in San Antonio, get out as soon as you can.

You have been warned.