Happy Birthday Mom

I would like to wish my mother a Happy Birthday. She reads this blog because she has too. Or maybe she just puts nice comments after my posts on Facebook to make me feel more confident about myself.

I actually know she reads this because it is a window into our lives. She lives in New York and we live in San Antonio and she is unable to visit as often as she would like.

So if my blog serves any purpose throughout history, I'm glad that it has at least been able to be enjoyed by her.

Thank you mom for being supportive of my family. We miss you very much and hope that you have a SUPER birthday.

I couldn't tell you how old she is, all I know is that she's one year closer to retirement.

Which means she's one year closer to moving to San Antonio. But when she does and she spends time with the grand kids, KC and I will have to be back by 7:30 because she has an early bed time. :)

We love you Gigi and we'll talk to you soon.