Ladybug's Portfolio - Why You Crying Boy?

Ladybug's Portfolio is a collection of pictures my four year daughter has taken with my cell phone camera. These are her better ones.

Why You Crying, Boy?

Story behind picture: I believe this was taken when we were on vacation this summer. Disco was throwing a fit for whatever reason (I think he ended up getting sick) and his big sister decided to take advantage of his plight.

Gotta love the big sister.


Christmas Book Giveaway Winners. I was originally going to give away one set, but it came to my attention that I could give away THREE sets. So there are THREE WINNERS.

Alex, bcgirl, and Melydia.

I have notified them all via email for their mailing addresses. If I don't hear from them by Friday morning, I will select backup winners. So get back to me ASAP.

Thanks for everyone who came to my blog and participated. I hope you stick subscribe to my everyday posts as well as any possible other giveaways that come my way.

Have a great day my friends.