Worst Birthday... EVER!!!

Thank you all for your very nice comments and birthday wishes for my daughter. I just wish it was as happy as it should have been.

Yesterday was supposed to be filled with cupcakes, streamers, ribbon, torn wrapping paper and presents. Yesterday was my daughter's first birthday. But it turned into 100 plus degree fevers, possible UTIs, catheters, partial dehydration, and an evening emergency room visit.

She had a fever the day before. We did the Tylenol thing, and the fever came and went. She woke up on Thursday grumpy and not wanting to eat or drink much. Her Nana was going to take her for her Birthday Pictures like she has done for the other kids, but the baby just didn't feel like smiling.

She came back home and KC took her to the pediatrician. That's where they determined she was dehydrated and took a sample of her urine via catheter. Needless to say, she was not very pleased with the process. They told us her urine was too concentrated to be able to yield any results that day. We'll have to wait through the weekend to get the results.

Later that day, she wouldn't drink. We were concerned about her getting fully dehydrated so we took her to the children's ER. We couldn't get her to drink the Gatorade or water and thought she would have to get an IV.

The ER doctor checked her throat and there were a lot of bumps and sores back there. It turns out it's STOMATITIS. Somehow she got this virus that caused the back of her throat to break out, have a fever and possible UTI.

Did I mention that all this happened on HER FIRST BIRTHDAY?!?

She is still not drinking much. We have meds and we're told it should subside in the next few days. She's not a happy camper. She does devour popsicles as her primary source of liquids. We have to rotate the Tylenol and ibuprofen every three hours. We have some antibiotics and meds for the throat pain.

We had to cancel her birthday party for this weekend. I'm kind of cool with that part. First birthdays are such a beating. We'll schedule it for a later date.

My wife, being the awesome mother that she is, found out the perfect distraction to the crying baby. Whenever we need her to be quiet so we can change, feed, or medicate her, we turn on....

It works perfect. I know some parents hate those from Gabba Land. But I'm cool with them. Plus I'd rather have them playing constantly than for her to be crying at all hours of the day.
Have a great weekend my friends.