Countdown to Baby - T Minus FOUR

After not getting much done last week due to being sick, I knew that this weekend had to be productive. Space is a HUGE issue in my home. We have four kids (1,2,4,14) and my father lives with us. The baby is coming within the month and like a previous countdown post, we have no where to put them.

One issue is the amount of baby clothes we have. With two babies the past two years, we have a ton of clothes. The baby is a year, yet somehow 3-6 mos clothes were still stockpiled in her drawer. The same for the boy, 12-18 month sized stuff was taking up space in his as well. I just realized that this baby does not have a dresser. Looks like daddy will be living out of his suitcase for a while.

Beside the constant colony load of laundry that seems to never go away in our room, the kids room was a big concern. The kids have to share a room and we've been wanting to get bunk beds for a while. Earlier this year, my In-Laws bought one for us from a garage sale. When I started putting it together, I noticed that the frame had cracks in 75% of the wood. I knew that I WOULD NOT be making this a bunk bed. All I needed was an incident where one of my children were crushed beneath a pile of lumber when I woke up one morning. So, I just kept it as a single bunk. My son slept in a very cool fire truck toddler bed, I found for free online. This left about FOUR SQUARE FEET for them to play in their room.

So we bought a new one this weekend. My daughter was super excited about the new bed. She made me start putting it together at 7 yesterday morning. She helped me with the headboards and putting it together. The oldest helped out a little and the boy helped out as well. It was nice looking down at my four year old daughter knowing what to do as she is tightening the screws. Then it gave me a warm feeling as my two year old son sat in my lap and helped me tighten screws. Yeah they slowed me down some, but it's their bed and they know they helped put it together.

The cool fire truck bed is outside now for the kids to play on in the back yard.

The kids love their new bed. Disco wants so bad to climb the ladder and play with his sister on the top bunk. I still have to find a way to restrict access to the ladder so the boy doesn't climb when we're not watching. But now we have half their room back. We're just not sure if we want to move Celi in with them. If MaddSkillz doesn't keep his room clean, I'm going to put her in with him and he's going to just have to suck it up or move out to the Sub.

The next mission is to get rid of a couple extra couches. One is a sleeper sofa and heavy as crap. If crap weighed as much as a sleeper sofa.

I could be ready for this baby just yet.

Have a great week my friends.