Sick, Tired, Hide, Seek!

For nothing happening, this was a busy weekend.

Friday I discussed with KC about taking the kids to an event downtown. I'm not sure why, maybe it has to do with money and the lack of it, but we don't take the kids many places that aren't errands. But Disco got sick and we had to cancel. That afternoon I also took down the above ground pool in the back yard. We had previously drained it, but the next day it rained for the first time in 18 months and it really never stopped. So, I had to bail water out in a bucket until I was able to let it spill out. I guess it has to do with my age, but I was really worn out and fatigued when I was finished. It also could have been the bacteria infected pool water. I cleaned up and went right to bed at about 7pm. I woke up about four and half hours later, I stayed up and hung out on the interwebs for a while.

Then right when I was going to bed, the baby woke up. I fed her and laid her down, thirty minutes later she was up again. We played this dance until 11AM. The boy woke up during this time too. I didn't get to sleep until 10:30PM Saturday night. It was almost 24 hours of no sleep. All the things I could have done on Saturday went away because I was just too dang tired to do anything.

The main thing that happened to me this weekend took about 35 seconds.

I was on the computer probably putting Babies in Beards, when my daughter was hanging with her grandfather. They had taken his dog outside which is a regular routine. But my daughter decided that she was going to start her Annoying Middle School Punk phase before she was four years old. While outside, she would knock on our door and then hide while someone answered the door. My dad had come inside, and I assumed my daughter did as well. I was still probably putting Babies In Beards, when there was a knock at the door again. KC had told MaddSkillz to go check the door and have his sister come inside.

With the door open, you can hear him calling for his sister. KC suggests I go outside too. I rush outside, and don't see my daughter anywhere. "LADYBUG!!" My head immediately starts spinning. "LADYBUG!" I check behind the cars, the trashcans, the neighbors fence.

"LADYBUG!" I scan up the street, down the street. "LADYBUG!" Looking at her brother who is starting to get a worried look on his face that is matching mine. "LADYBUG!" My mind is racing. "LADYBUG!" My heart is pounding. "LADYBUG!"

Then I hear my wife laughing inside. I open the door and I see my daughter hiding behind the couch.

I storm through the entry hall and sternly tell her, "DON'T YOU EVER DO THAT AGAIN!!!"

Turns out, she was behind the couch the entire time. Her grandfather thought that we knew she was there and we were playing along. KC didn't know she was there until we were outside freaking out. I went back outside because I was pissed. I wanted to yell at my dad for letting that happen. If anyone HE would know what it’s like when a daughter hides and you freak out looking for her. My little sister had did something similar when he was my daughter's age. The whole thing gave me a headache and it affected me for about an hour.

It's one of those things you don't expect and don't think will ever happen to your kid. But in those thirty-five seconds it happened in my mind to my kid. That's why it took me a while to get over it. Another reason was when I saw her, I immediately scolded her and didn't scoop her up in my arms and squeeze her to never let her go again.

And it could have been that I had been up since 11:30PM the night before.

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  1. When you have kids there are never weekends when you have nothing to do. I dream of a day when I can take a vacation with out the cute little suckers.

  2. my heart has never pounded so hard than the first time my eldest ran around to our front yard, and when I came around to look for her she wasn't there.

    I hope you're able to get a little rest sometime soon.


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